Need a Floral Alternative? We Can Help!


We all have a friend with allergies, that sibling that’s rarely at home or that neighbor that just doesn’t have the propensity to keep plants alive. If an occasion arises in which you need to send a bouquet to one of these loved ones, what do you do? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a few non-floral bouquet ideas for such a gift receiver.

Teddy Bears
Our Build-A-Bear collection can say “I’m Sorry”, “Thank You”, or “Get Well” just as easily, if not more adorably, than any floral bouquet. Not only do they not whither, they supply cuddly comfort that a vase just can not provide. Take a look at the collections here.

Coffee or Tea
We haven’t met many people who don’t love coffee, tea or both. We have a large selection of beautiful displays, which feature Starbucks coffee and Tazo tea. Check them out here.

Candy, Chocolate, or Cookies
For a sweet treat, take a look at our collections from Sweets in Bloom, Godiva, Mrs. Fields or Lindt. You can find a plethora of edible bouquets to satisfy any kind of sweets lover here.

Fruit, Nuts, and Cheese
For the more savory toothed, we offer several lovely baskets featuring fresh fruit, nuts, cheese, meats and more here.

A Little Something Special
If none of these ideas really hit the spot, we also have options for including a book, such as Healing After Loss, sterling silver jewelry and spa items.

Let us know how we can help put together these or any custom baskets for your special delivery today. Call us at 817-624-8413.


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