New Year, New Celebrations – Your Floral Guide to 2013


We’ve just welcomed in a brand new year, and with it, some fresh and inspiring resolutions. While you may not keep all of these promises to yourself, we’re here to help with a big one: staying organized! Make the commitment today to never miss an opportunity for gifting again. This guide for 2013 will help you keep track of those special occasions so that you never forget anyone.  

To begin, you should be sure to add these unique dates to your calendar:

Anniversary and Birthdays
What day of the week is your anniversary or their birthday? Think about where she’ll be. Try to have the bouquet sent to her in a public setting, such as work. If the date lands on a Sunday, be sure to have them delivered earlier in the week as a sweet early surprise. Don’t forget your mother’s, daughter’s, and anyone else special’s birthdays as well.

Mid May brings lots of new graduates to the field. If you know any of these, don’t forget to send or bring a bouquet for them. This is a special and once in a lifetime event.

New Baby
Is there a baby on the way somewhere in your circle? Think ahead and mark the due month in your calendar.

Now here’s a list of celebrations you should skim through and mark which apply to you and yours:

Activity Professionals Week – 1/20/2013-1/26/2013
Valentines Day – 2/14/2013
National Social Workers Month – 3/2013
Employee Appreciation Day – 3/1/2013
National Volunteer Week – 4/21/2013-4/27/2013
Administrative Professionals’ Day – 4/24/2013
Nurses Appreciation Week – 5/6/2013 – 5/12/2013
Teacher Appreciation Week – 5/6/2013-5/10/2013
National School Nurse Day – 5/8/2013
Mother’s Day – 5/12/2013
National Police Week – 5/13/2013-5/17/2013
National EMS Week – 5/19/2013-5/25/2013
National Nursing Assistants Week – 6/13/2013-6/20/2013
Father’s Day – 6/16/2013
International Housekeeper’s Week – 9/8/2013-9/14/2013
Veteran’s Day – 11/11/2013

Be sure to also mark a day or two ahead of each event in your calendar so you remember to order on time. If you need help with finding the right flowers or gifts for any of these occasions, please give us a call at 817-624-8413. Our website also provides large selections of gift options categorized by occasion for your convenience.

Happy New Year from all of us at!

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