Christmas Florals for Every Decor Style


If you walk into any decorating store this season, you’ll be sure to find aisles packed with holiday trimmings of all kinds. Probably the most difficult part about digging through this lustrous landscape of sparkle and sheen is figuring out what pieces will go best with your home’s style. We’ve profiled some floral inspiration to spark your imagination for five decor styles.


1. Traditional & Elegant – Poinsettias

Poinsettias are a very safe bet if you’re looking for traditional North American Christmas decor. They have many meanings dating back to the Aztecs, who felt the flower represented purity. The Christian adaption came from a tale of a poor young girl asking for a gift for baby Jesus, only to have a miraculous poinsettia bloom from her pile of weeds. Poinsettias’ shape is also said to represent the Star of Bethlehem. No matter the meaning you adore most, this gorgeous flower makes any home a comforting holiday nest filled with tradition and inciting memories.


2. Cottage – Christmas Flower (Helleborus Niger)

If you’re looking for something simple and bright to compliment your already sunny and down-to-earth feel of your country styled home, the Christmas Flower is your best bet. Their leathery petals look perfect against weathered woods, light fabrics, and stamped metals.


3. Tuscan/Old World – Christmas Cactus (aka. Orchid Cactus)
For an old world home, the Christmas Cactus gives your holiday look a “hanging gardens” appeal. The simple greenery is adorned with small red or white blossoms, easily complementing grape-donned china and mosaic settings.


4. Contemporary & Chic – Pohutukawa Tree Flowers

Now this is really fun and different! The blossoms of New Zealand’s Pohutukawa Tree are reminiscent of a fiber-optic tree with a more natural feel. The hot-pink to fuchsia pops perfectly in a room of fab decor.


5. Modern & Minimal – Christmas Rose (Serissa)

This cute little bonsai is a perennial favorite in Southeast Asia. If you’re looking for something simple and understated to say “Happy Holidays” without overwhelming your clean-lined feel, the Serissa is a perfect choice. Just deck it out with some small ornaments or even just dust it with silver spray paint, and add it to your dining or side table.

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