3 Great Games for Giving Thanks this Thursday

Most families have a Thanksgiving tradition of going around the table having everyone say what makes them thankful. As wonderful an activity as this is, why not spice it up a bit? These creative games will get each participant interested and involved in every moment of this annual round of gratefulness, and will surely fill the room with laughter and joy.

ABC Thanks
This one is pretty easy. The family member to start must name something for which they are thankful that starts with the letter “A”. The next person must do the same with “B”. If there is a well-known Thanksgiving dinner incentive in your family, like the drumstick on the turkey or getting the comfy chair for game-watching, it can be the prize for naming an item for a stumped cousin.

Thankful Fours
Using the craft paper of your choice, cut out several shapes of the number 4, then write “I’m Thankful” on each one. Put one at each place setting on the table with a pen, then instruct everyone to write their ‘thankful fors” on the back. Ask everyone to read them aloud during the go-around. You can then tell them to take their Thankful 4 home to use for a tree ornament. As time goes on, each family member will be reminded of their many blessings each time they decorate their tree.

Cornucopia Collector
Give each guest a paper leaf and ask them to write what they are thankful for on one side and their name on the other, then place it into the cornucopia. During dinner have a designated person read each leaf aloud and ask everyone to try and guess who wrote what’s on each leaf.

We love hearing about new and creative ideas for adding fun to family gatherings. Tell us about your favorite family game for the holidays on our Facebook page post. If your submission is our favorite, we’ll send you a beautiful holiday centerpiece just in time for next month’s celebrations. View our selection here.

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