Halloween Decorations To Delight or Fright

Halloween is a few weeks away and we know many of you are prepping for parties and trick-o-treaters. Here are some of our ideas for ways to decorate your home for this season. We have rated them from “cute” to “scariest”, so you can choose the idea that fits you!

Cute: Ghost Pumpkin
This is a great decoration for your porch or dining room table. First take a white pumpkin and clean out the inside, as if you were making a jack-o-lantern. You can also use a cleaned-out regular pumpkin and paint it white. Then purchase your favorite white flowers, we would suggest white carnations, and place them in the white pumpkin. This simple and elegant ghost pumpkin is a great way to add Halloween décor without being scary.

Scary: Vampire Vase 
This scary looking flower is perfect for vampire themed décor. Take a Black Bat flower and place in a black vase. While a very simple idea, the arrangement will really catch people’s eyes with its unusual shape and whiskers. This menacing flower looks as if at any minute it could morph into a bat and fly away.

Scarier: Blood Splattered Roses
For a creepy edge to your décor, these red splattered flowers will really be frightening. To create this look, you will need a few items: white roses, red food coloring, a straw and some newspaper. Place the roses on the newspaper and put a few drops of food coloring in a paper bowl or plate. Dip one end of the straw in the food coloring and blow onto the roses. Repeat this until you get the desire look. Allow them to dry and then place them in a vase or just lay them on a table.

Scariest: Funeral Flowers
To really scare your guests, purchase fake hands from a prop shop or Halloween store. Then take white calla lilies (a traditional funeral flower) and cross the hands over them, as if they were in a coffin. Use this as a centerpiece, on the mantle, or next to the candy bowl on the porch.

Whether you are going for cute and fun or blood-curdling decorations, flowers can be used in many different ways to create the look you’re going for. Visit our website or shop to purchase the flowers you need! Also, like us on Facebook to keep up with everything we have going on.

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