What Makes Fall, Fall?

*Crunch* That’s the sound of a fallen leaf under your shoe as you walk along the sidewalk. It’s fall! As the weeks go on, the trees will begin to change from bright greens to yellows, reds, and oranges. The flowers will fall as well, and we won’t seem their blooms for a while. So, why does this happen? Why do leaves fall and flowers fade?

Scientists have been studying this phenomenon and have found the two major factors in why leaves and flowers change and disappear for winter are the longer nights, and the change in weather.

Plants need sunlight to produce the necessary nutrients to grown. As the length of daylight begins to diminish and the sun is less prominent, trees and flowers begin to shut down their food-making processes to get ready for the impending winter. They live off of the stored nutrients they collected over the summer and sustain themselves through the winter.

Also, as you can imagine, the colder weather keeps the flowers and leaves from thriving. With frosts and biting winds, plants have a hard time managing their life sustaining functions. Plants need the warmth and sunshine to grow and bloom.

However, even though flowers and trees are losing their colors and life, that doesn’t mean we will not have beautiful flowers for you to enjoy. During the fall, we create beautiful arrangements that fit the season, as well as maintaining the rest of our flowers. Visit our website and bring some color back into your home! Also, like us on Facebook for more flower facts and tips!

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