Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

School is back in session, the pumpkin spice latte is back at Starbucks, and the weather is slightly more bearable. Fall will officially be here in Texas this Saturday the 22nd! Time to put away the seashells and neon colors, and make room for stunning golds and reds and pumpkins!

Flowers are a great way to bring the autumn season into your home. The color scheme for this time of year is what you would expect: reds, oranges, and yellows like the falling leaves; golds and copper to add a metallic touch to the colors of the leaves; and brown to mimic the changing trees. There are several great flowers to use in arrangements that will usher in the season into your home.

For example, the rust-colored Asiatic lilies in our “You’re Special Bouquet” almost look like fallen leaves off of a maple tree. The rich color pops through the orange lilies and creates a stunning Fall look.

Another great flower to use is the bi-colored Cherry Brandy rose. This yellow and red rose looks as if it is changing color with the season and no two roses share the same sunset coloring.

Burgundy mini carnations and butterscotch chrysanthemums again make for great fall arrangements. Don’t those names just make you think of autumn? The chrysanthemums almost look golden against the greens and burgundy carnations. Adding an orange and red ribbon creates a rustic look and feel to the arrangement.

Creating your own Fall-themed décor is easy once you’ve captured the color scheme of this time of year. We have an entire section of autumn arrangements on our website that will make it easy to bring Fall into your home or someone else’s. Also, like us on Facebook to keep up with everything we have going on this season.


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