Don’t Worry, Be Happy – With Fresh Flowers!

Who doesn’t love getting a bouquet of fresh flowers? They are beautiful to look at and smell wonderful! Did you know they have other benefits as well? Fresh flowers have more benefits than just decoration and winning points with your wife. They offer emotional and mental health benefits too!

Studies have been conducted on the effects of flowers and how they can impact a person’s mood. Rutgers University conducted a study on the emotional benefits of a person being exposed to fresh flowers. They found that those who had been given the flowers where happier and less stressed. Fresh flowers have shown to be anxiety reducers, their bright colors and cheeriness instantly brightening your day!

Researchers have also found that those who keep fresh flowers in their home have more energy and are more mentally stimulated. When people saw the flowers, especially in the morning, they showed more energy and productivity in work. Fresh flowers can also boost your creativity.

If flowers can have this kind of impact on you, imagine what they can do for others! Flowers symbolize sharing and invitation, so bringing them into your home will transcend that feeling to your guests. Whenever you play host to friends or family, having fresh flowers in the common areas and guest rooms will make them feel more comfortable.

If you’re stressed, looking for an energy boost, or have guests coming over, fresh flowers are a great and easy way to create a positive atmosphere for everyone! Come by our shop and pick out some flowers for your home or office!

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