Long Live the Roses!

Have you ever gotten a beautiful arrangement of flowers and they are wilted by the end of the day? We all wish we could have freshly cut flowers on the table every morning, but let’s face it; most of us aren’t that lucky. Here is the proper way to care for your freshly cut flowers to help them last longer.

1. When you first get your flowers, cut at least ½-1 inch off of the stem at an angle (to allow for more water to be taken in) and place them in warm water.
2. Use a clean vase to hold your flowers. Using one that was previously used can contain bacteria that will cut the life of your flowers in half.
3. Cut excess foliage that falls below the water line. Rotting leaves in the water can contribute to bacteria population.
4. Often times, cut flowers will come with a packet of preservative to help nourish your arrangement. If they don’t come with a preservative or you run out, create your own flower preservative with a little 7-Up and a few drops of chlorine bleach. This will provide sugar for food and help kill off bacteria.
5. Keep your flowers in a cool place. Don’t place them in direct sunlight or in the air path of the A/C. If you can, put the flowers in the fridge at night to help keep them from losing moisture.
6. Every other day, change the water in the vase and cut the end of the stems. Also be sure to add more preservative to the water.

By following these steps, your flowers will last and stay beautiful much longer! Once it’s time to throw the flowers out, try drying them! Drying flowers is a great way to preserve bouquets and arrangements from special occasions and they make great decorations. Use these methods for drying any kind of flower (not just roses). So, enjoy those flowers just a little bit longer!

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