Not Your Grandma’s Flowers

Everyone knows the basic types of flowers: rose, tulip, chrysanthemum (even if no one can spell it), lily, etc. However, botanists and the like have discovered some flowers that may be a little less known. We will show you some of the most absurd and spectacular flowers you have ever seen. Some are wildly beautiful and some resemble animals, while others are just plain ugly. Take a look.

1. Bee Orchid

When you see this flower, it is pretty clear why it is called the “Bee Orchid”. This flower is as beautiful as it is strange. A native of the Mediterranean, this flower is rare and blooms in the summer time.

2. Titan Arum:

This is one giant flower, growing up to 9 feet tall! The largest Titan Arum recorded weighed 200 pounds. Not only is this flower large, but also emits a bad odor. The Titan is not something we recommend planting in your front yard.

3. Dendrobium Spectabile Flower:

This flower looks as if it is swaying to a beat. With long petals of different colors, this flower certainly grabs attention. They even smell like honey!

4. The Corpse Lily

Holding the title for the largest flower in the world, this ugly flower takes the cake for being usual. The bloom lasts only 3-4 days and gives off an aroma of a dead body. It takes all kinds, right?

While we do not offer these flowers in our shop, we do offer a wide variety of beautiful flowers and creative arrangements. Give us a call 817-624-8413 or visit the website.

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