Indoor Flower Care

You’ve received some gorgeous flowers, brought them home and arranged them in your best vase…now what?

Indoor flower care doesn’t require a green thumb! To make your flowers last longer inside, give it the basics that you would need: water, food, and love!

This is one of the most important elements to keep your flowers hydrated and beautiful. You don’t want to over water, though. If your flowers are in a vase, you don’t have to worry, but if they’re planted in a pot, water just to keep soil moist. Make sure you’re watering with fresh, clean water.

Just like humans, plants love to bask in sunlight. Try to find a place near a window where natural light shines in. Plants use light for photosynthesis, the process of converting water into minerals for food.

A little trick for flowers in a vase: add a small amount of sugar. For flowers in potted plants, make sure the soil looks and feels moist.

And most importantly, show it some love! According to ProFlowers, some scientists and researchers have found evidence that plants do react to a number of environmental stimuli, including vibrations.

Flowers are meant to be enjoyed and with the proper care, can last for days, weeks, and months! To order some flowers for you or a loved one, go to the DFW Flowers website or call 817-624-8413 or 817-626-5822 today!

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