Spring Daisies

Spring is in the air! The April birth month flower is the daisy and we can’t think of any other flower to represent spring!

Daisies are wildflowers whose origins are traced back to Roman mythology. The legend is that the the nymph Belides, as she danced with the other nymphs at the edge of the forest, caught the eye of Vertumnus, the god of the orchards. To escape his unwanted attention, she transformed herself into the flower bellis, the daisy’s botanical name.

The daisy that most people think of is the gerbera daisy, discovered by Robert Jameson in 1994 in South Africa. Experts say that breeding of these daisies began in England in 1890 enhanced the flower’s quality and color variations. Today you can find daisies in all colors from white, to pink, to vibrant blues.

Daisies are associated with innocence, purity, and gentleness. And like any other flower, the daisy’s color has a symbolic meaning. A white daisy represents shared feelings of affection, while a red daisy tells of beauty.

Spring daisies brighten any room and bring a little bit of the sunny outside to your living room or kitchen. DFW Flowers offers a large variety of arrangements centered around daisies, or you can design your own! Order today by calling 817-624-8413, 817-626-5822, or ordering online at www.dfwflowers.com!

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