Tulip Color Meanings


Spring is quickly approaching and bringing with it warmer weather, blooming flowers and beautiful colors. One of the most popular spring flowers is the Tulip, a wildflower said to originate from Persia. In the 1500s, tulips were extensively cultivated in Turkey, and because of their resemblance to the “tulbend” — a turban worn by Turkish men — were called tulipan.

Tulips come in a variety of colors and for the most part, they’re a symbol of a declaration of love. Among the Persian people, the tulip is an offering a young man makes to his beloved. By offering her a tulip, he says, “As the redness of this flower, I am on fire with love.” So it’s no surprise that the red tulip symbolizes love and romance, but there are lots of other colors the tulips bloom in and each one has a different meaning.

Pink Tulips- a symbol of caring, attachment (not as strong as love, like the red ones) and good wishes. They would be appropriate for a friend or family member.

White Tulips- representing purity, innocence, forgiveness and respect, they would be a great flower for a wedding or to give with an apology. (Cream-colored tulips are closely related and have a meaning of commitment.)

Purple Tulips- symbolizing royalty (as purple has long been known as a royal color), this color is often used for brides bouquets on their big day. Purple also symbolizes rebirth, therefore being the perfect color for spring.

Yellow Tulips- their meaning has evolved over time from representing hopeless love, to a more positive meaning of brightness and sunshine. Perfect for smiling, happy occasions.

Variegated Tulips – symbolize beautiful eyes because of their gorgeous color patterns, perhaps making the perfect date flower.

With this meaningful color lesson, it’s safe to say that the relevant colors of tulips should be used for corresponding occasions. Can’t choose a color or occasion? Not to worry, a tulip bouquet made of multiple colors, in addition to all of the other symbolisms, represents elegance and grace in the language of flowers. It’s hard to go wrong with a bouquet of tulips! Check out our great selection today at dfwflowers.com.

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