Be Thankful

DFW Flowers loves Thanksgiving. It’s a time of year that is full of changing leaves, flowers, and weather. But more importantly, it assigns one day in the year to truly think about what we are thankful for. Thanksgiving has always been a time to celebrate around the change of season and harvest, and that history still shows today with celebration of food surrounded by centerpieces and flowers.

According to FromYouFlowers, the Thanksgiving holiday originally was held as a way to celebrate fruitful autumn harvests and to appease ancient gods.  Prior to the establishment of formal religion, ancient farmers believed that their crops contained spirits that caused crops to grow, and to die.  Many farmers believed these spirits would be released once the crops were harvested, so they had to be destroyed, less the gods took revenge on the farmers who harvested them.

  • The Greeks honored the goddess of grains, Demeter, by holding a festival every autumn called Thesmosphoria. The festival lasted three days and included several traditions including a day of fasting followed by a day of feasting during which gifts of corn, cakes, fruit and pigs were offered to Demeter in the hopes that she would grant them a good harvest.
  • The Romans celebrated a harvest festival that honored Ceres, the goddess of grains; the festival was called Cerelia and the first fruits of the harvest were presented as offering and gifts to Ceres.  The annual festival and included music, parades, games, sports, and a thanksgiving feast.

In addition to cleaning the house and preparing the kitchen for all of that food, take a break from those duties to decorate your home for the festivities and set a welcoming tone to guests.

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