Rose Color Code

Roses are gorgeous and can make any day a little bit brighter, but be careful with what color rose you choose because each color has a different meaning. If you’re trying to say “I love you,” you don’t want to send light pink roses; and if you want to keep things friendly, red roses are not the way to go. But no worries, here is a list of rose colors and their individual meanings:

The most common color rose means a simple “I love you.” Deep red roses imply unconscious beauty

These say spiritual love and purity. Many of these are seen being carried by brides because it symbolizes happy love.

Historically, yellow meant a decrease of love and infidelity, but times have changed. Today, yellow roses signify joy and gladness.

Coral implies desire while orange can signify fascination and enthusiasm.

These roses mean love at first sight.

Light Pink.
Light pink implies grace, gentility and admiration while dark pink roses are the flower of choice to give a “Thank you.”

Any pale color.
These generally signify friendship.

When you’re sending roses, think carefully about their meaning and what you are trying to say. For help or tips, see our Facebook page!


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