Spring Blooms



The cold winter winds from Jack Frost are dying down and the grass is starting to sprout again! There’s no better way to bring in springtime than by ordering a fresh bouquet of bright colored blossoms for someone special in your life, or maybe just to brighten your day!

Here is a list of some of the wonderful floral options available this season.

One of the most recognizable and favored flowers of all, tulips are a great choice, and are sure to make someone’s day. Tulips are available in many spring colors including pink, yellow, orange, red, white, and more.

Dahlias are a beautiful addition to any spring bouquet. They produce big, overflowing blooms and come in purple, white, red, yellow, and other colors. There are about 30 varieties of dahlias, so mix and match them to create the perfect combination you love!

Spring Lilies
Blooming in late Spring, lilies produce large, fragrant blossoms that make a unique touch to any bouquet. They come in many different colors including orange, red, yellow, white, purple, and more! Lilies are known for their spots and brush strokes that are present on their petals.

Orchids are one of the largest groups of flowering plants and come in numerous different colors and sizes. Orchids are easily distinguishable and make a wonderful addition to spring bouquets.

Fuji Mums
Known for their distinctive appearance, Fuji mums make any spring bouquet pop with color and texture. Fuji mums produce thick petals and come in shades ranging from ivory to bronze, and green and lilac.

Check out all of our beautiful bouquet options on our website and visit our Facebook page for more seasonal trends and design ideas.


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3 Great Ways to Sweeten Her Valentine’s Day Bouquet


Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and many of you guys have still not place your orders for the anticipated event. One of the most joyous moments in life is having a beautiful gift delivered to you. This is especially true when sent to the office, where her work friends can admire the arrangement with her, filling her with pride. We have many ways to help make sure this important gesture is perfectly personalized.

Add a teddy from Build-A-Bear Workshop®
With so many choices, from handsome suit to casual hoodie, we’re sure to have the bear that best reflects the way you love her, and she’ll be able to keep it as a cherished memory for years to come.

Add a personalized greeting card
We offer an assortment of Valentine’s Day greeting cards to help you give a more personal statement than what can be said with the standard bouquet greeting card. You can even stop by the shop to add your handwritten signature.

Add a box of chocolates
Our chocolate selection fits every taste and budget, with brands such as Whitman’s Sampler, Harry London, and Maxfield’s. We even carry chocolate covered strawberries!

With all of these options and more, we can help you put together a unique combination for your one-of-a-kind love. Get more ideas on our Facebook page, or call us today at (817) 624-8413.

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Need a Floral Alternative? We Can Help!


We all have a friend with allergies, that sibling that’s rarely at home or that neighbor that just doesn’t have the propensity to keep plants alive. If an occasion arises in which you need to send a bouquet to one of these loved ones, what do you do? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a few non-floral bouquet ideas for such a gift receiver.

Teddy Bears
Our Build-A-Bear collection can say “I’m Sorry”, “Thank You”, or “Get Well” just as easily, if not more adorably, than any floral bouquet. Not only do they not whither, they supply cuddly comfort that a vase just can not provide. Take a look at the collections here.

Coffee or Tea
We haven’t met many people who don’t love coffee, tea or both. We have a large selection of beautiful displays, which feature Starbucks coffee and Tazo tea. Check them out here.

Candy, Chocolate, or Cookies
For a sweet treat, take a look at our collections from Sweets in Bloom, Godiva, Mrs. Fields or Lindt. You can find a plethora of edible bouquets to satisfy any kind of sweets lover here.

Fruit, Nuts, and Cheese
For the more savory toothed, we offer several lovely baskets featuring fresh fruit, nuts, cheese, meats and more here.

A Little Something Special
If none of these ideas really hit the spot, we also have options for including a book, such as Healing After Loss, sterling silver jewelry and spa items.

Let us know how we can help put together these or any custom baskets for your special delivery today. Call us at 817-624-8413.


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New Year, New Celebrations – Your Floral Guide to 2013


We’ve just welcomed in a brand new year, and with it, some fresh and inspiring resolutions. While you may not keep all of these promises to yourself, we’re here to help with a big one: staying organized! Make the commitment today to never miss an opportunity for gifting again. This guide for 2013 will help you keep track of those special occasions so that you never forget anyone.  

To begin, you should be sure to add these unique dates to your calendar:

Anniversary and Birthdays
What day of the week is your anniversary or their birthday? Think about where she’ll be. Try to have the bouquet sent to her in a public setting, such as work. If the date lands on a Sunday, be sure to have them delivered earlier in the week as a sweet early surprise. Don’t forget your mother’s, daughter’s, and anyone else special’s birthdays as well.

Mid May brings lots of new graduates to the field. If you know any of these, don’t forget to send or bring a bouquet for them. This is a special and once in a lifetime event.

New Baby
Is there a baby on the way somewhere in your circle? Think ahead and mark the due month in your calendar.

Now here’s a list of celebrations you should skim through and mark which apply to you and yours:

Activity Professionals Week – 1/20/2013-1/26/2013
Valentines Day – 2/14/2013
National Social Workers Month – 3/2013
Employee Appreciation Day – 3/1/2013
National Volunteer Week – 4/21/2013-4/27/2013
Administrative Professionals’ Day – 4/24/2013
Nurses Appreciation Week – 5/6/2013 – 5/12/2013
Teacher Appreciation Week – 5/6/2013-5/10/2013
National School Nurse Day – 5/8/2013
Mother’s Day – 5/12/2013
National Police Week – 5/13/2013-5/17/2013
National EMS Week – 5/19/2013-5/25/2013
National Nursing Assistants Week – 6/13/2013-6/20/2013
Father’s Day – 6/16/2013
International Housekeeper’s Week – 9/8/2013-9/14/2013
Veteran’s Day – 11/11/2013

Be sure to also mark a day or two ahead of each event in your calendar so you remember to order on time. If you need help with finding the right flowers or gifts for any of these occasions, please give us a call at 817-624-8413. Our website also provides large selections of gift options categorized by occasion for your convenience.

Happy New Year from all of us at DFWFlowers.com!

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Help Us Support Hope Center for Autism for the Holidays



It’s mid-December, 6 days until Christmas, and the season of giving is in full force. This year we are supporting a local Fort Worth charity: Hope Center for Autism. The best part is, you can help us raise money with just one click. For every new “Like” we receive on our Facebook page in the month of December, we will donate $1 to this wonderful organization.

Many of us know someone who has an autistic child. The struggles that these families face are unimaginable to most, but a supportive environment and accessible ABA therapy helps to ease these hardships. In an effort to meet these needs, the Hope Center for Autism was founded in Fort Worth in 2007. Each child enrolled in Hope has a unique program built around his or her needs, and every qualified child that applies will receive a scholarship to the program.

Their Services Include:
Initial Treatment Consultation
One-on-one Behavioral Therapy
Transitional Therapy
Parent Training
Family Support Groups
In-School Observation
On-Site Speech, Language, and Occupational Therapy

We are so proud to partner with such a great cause and to allow you to help in a fun and easy way. Go to our Facebook page now and click the “Like” button so we can add an extra $1 to the Hope Center for Autism.


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Christmas Florals for Every Decor Style


If you walk into any decorating store this season, you’ll be sure to find aisles packed with holiday trimmings of all kinds. Probably the most difficult part about digging through this lustrous landscape of sparkle and sheen is figuring out what pieces will go best with your home’s style. We’ve profiled some floral inspiration to spark your imagination for five decor styles.


1. Traditional & Elegant – Poinsettias

Poinsettias are a very safe bet if you’re looking for traditional North American Christmas decor. They have many meanings dating back to the Aztecs, who felt the flower represented purity. The Christian adaption came from a tale of a poor young girl asking for a gift for baby Jesus, only to have a miraculous poinsettia bloom from her pile of weeds. Poinsettias’ shape is also said to represent the Star of Bethlehem. No matter the meaning you adore most, this gorgeous flower makes any home a comforting holiday nest filled with tradition and inciting memories.


2. Cottage – Christmas Flower (Helleborus Niger)

If you’re looking for something simple and bright to compliment your already sunny and down-to-earth feel of your country styled home, the Christmas Flower is your best bet. Their leathery petals look perfect against weathered woods, light fabrics, and stamped metals.


3. Tuscan/Old World – Christmas Cactus (aka. Orchid Cactus)
For an old world home, the Christmas Cactus gives your holiday look a “hanging gardens” appeal. The simple greenery is adorned with small red or white blossoms, easily complementing grape-donned china and mosaic settings.


4. Contemporary & Chic – Pohutukawa Tree Flowers

Now this is really fun and different! The blossoms of New Zealand’s Pohutukawa Tree are reminiscent of a fiber-optic tree with a more natural feel. The hot-pink to fuchsia pops perfectly in a room of fab decor.


5. Modern & Minimal – Christmas Rose (Serissa)

This cute little bonsai is a perennial favorite in Southeast Asia. If you’re looking for something simple and understated to say “Happy Holidays” without overwhelming your clean-lined feel, the Serissa is a perfect choice. Just deck it out with some small ornaments or even just dust it with silver spray paint, and add it to your dining or side table.

For more tips on picking the perfect plant for your decor style, add us to your interest lists on Facebook and get our daily updates in your feed.

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3 Great Games for Giving Thanks this Thursday

Most families have a Thanksgiving tradition of going around the table having everyone say what makes them thankful. As wonderful an activity as this is, why not spice it up a bit? These creative games will get each participant interested and involved in every moment of this annual round of gratefulness, and will surely fill the room with laughter and joy.

ABC Thanks
This one is pretty easy. The family member to start must name something for which they are thankful that starts with the letter “A”. The next person must do the same with “B”. If there is a well-known Thanksgiving dinner incentive in your family, like the drumstick on the turkey or getting the comfy chair for game-watching, it can be the prize for naming an item for a stumped cousin.

Thankful Fours
Using the craft paper of your choice, cut out several shapes of the number 4, then write “I’m Thankful” on each one. Put one at each place setting on the table with a pen, then instruct everyone to write their ‘thankful fors” on the back. Ask everyone to read them aloud during the go-around. You can then tell them to take their Thankful 4 home to use for a tree ornament. As time goes on, each family member will be reminded of their many blessings each time they decorate their tree.

Cornucopia Collector
Give each guest a paper leaf and ask them to write what they are thankful for on one side and their name on the other, then place it into the cornucopia. During dinner have a designated person read each leaf aloud and ask everyone to try and guess who wrote what’s on each leaf.

We love hearing about new and creative ideas for adding fun to family gatherings. Tell us about your favorite family game for the holidays on our Facebook page post. If your submission is our favorite, we’ll send you a beautiful holiday centerpiece just in time for next month’s celebrations. View our selection here.

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